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 { The Plot }
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 10:19 AM
Pink Ranger

the plot

Over thirty years ago, the awareness of mutants to the human population became known. The knowledge of what was hidden was met with fear, hate, and violence. Like most things people don't understand or can't identify with, they try to tear it apart. It is the common goal of humanity, even though they hardly realize it. With the fear came teenagers getting kicked out of their homes for being the shame of their families, mutants being cast out and becoming pariahs of society.

It was tremulous for a long while, but there were those who felt sympathy for those who could not help who or what they were. There were a small group of congress men, Charles Xavier and Erik Lennsherr, who pulled together and made a public statement. They did demonstrations of powers with less harmful mutants that proved they weren't all dangerous, including the fact that even the dangerous ones didn't wish to harm anyone.

Some people responded positively, others remained wary and some still hated. Those that hated went as far as to behead, lynch, and burn mutants alive. Those who were caught were sent to trial but they got off because the high court judges felt mutants were lesser beings. This lead to Erik forming his complex, his truth that mutants were superior in every way and that they should be the ones to rule fairly and just, if the humans couldn't but even in time, he would grow to hate the humans as well.

Charles was much aggrieved, he felt completely different in comparison to someone who was his dear, dear friend. He wanted to form an alliance with mankind, a sense of peace and understanding. He longed for it. He wanted to see the day all could stand together as one without fear, hate or suspicions. So he began building his school and in 1990 it finally opened. It took in all the run aways, all the outcasts, all the strays and gave them a place to call home, where they could learn, teach and train to become peacekeepers.

Then Erik formed The Brotherhood, where those who were willing to perform unjust acts in order to get a message across, were indeed welcomed. He built his own place, a secluded plot of land with a large mansion that would in the end, house many willing mutants who fell under the spell of the same goals and ideals. They waited in the wings as hate and fear steadily progressed with the few and far between mutants who used their powers for bad. Humans didn't realize not all were bad and Erik didn't make it any better by sending his crew out on missions to prove a point.

Those known as the X-Men and The Brother warred in the streets of New York City and Westchester, fighting each other, trying to keep each other in place. Trying to make the other side see what they were trying to achieve, could be good for all. So far, none of it is working and a solution seems to be no where in sight. Protests have began again, people want their own solution to the mutant problem. They want to put them behind bars, euthanize and depower.

In secret, the government have been planning just that. They are building underground labs, and camps, which will house mutants, taking away their freedom and rights. They have weapons and lethal poisons that will put them down like dogs if they don't come quietly.

They have the Sentinels, made by the super genius Bolivar Trask, in the works. Technology so advanced, it can detect activated mutant DNA. They will be hunting machines, it will be hard to escape and this will be a war for all mutants. This will be a war for those who love and care for mutants. They don't know what's coming and maybe, that's for the better. Because sometimes, surprises bring out the best in people.

It's January, 2017, the world hasn't really changed since Charles and Erik's youth. It's gotten worse infact, despite what the young people might say. One wants to see a future of togetherness, another wants to see the other side destroyed.

What side will you choose?

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