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 { The Rules }
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 11:01 AM
Pink Ranger

the rules


OOC ACCOUNTS - Please register an OOC account in proper capitalization. This is your player account and should be used for all OOC purposes, including sending PMs and answering activity checks. It's also the best way for I, the admin, to contact you for various reasons and for you to connect all your character accounts to it, using subaccounts.

CHARACTER ACCOUNTS - Please register your character's name in proper capitalization. Because the miniprofile doesn't allow for long names, it must be their codename. Just like Logan's name is Logan Howlett or James Howlett, his codename is Wolverine.

CANON COMPLIANCE - If you're a die hard X-Men fan and you're expecting this place to be canon perfect, then this isn't the place for you. Canon here is meant to be reimagined while maintaining the core of the character, that makes the character. But, you are also free to make them completely them. It's just that you'll need to fit the character to the sites time and realize they may not have the exact relationships with characters they've had in the comics. I will also allow canons to switch sex and genders on a case by case basis.

OC CHARACTERS - By all means Original characters are completely and 100% welcome. However, they cannot be overpowered to the point they can overtake a canon character. They can not be all perfect, they must have flaws. But don't make them so bad, there's no redeeming qualities. They can have up to two primary powers, and three minor ones. The primaries are allowed to be strong but the minor ones must not be. I look forward to seeing all original characters. Who they are and what they can do. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

APPLICATIONS - You have ten days to complete an application before it's sent to the trash bin. If you need an extension, you will be given five more days to complete it. if it goes in the trash bin and you come back to finish it, private message me on my staff account, Agatha, and I will place it back in the work in progress section. After those extra five days however, you'll have to wait three weeks before trying again if you don't complete it.


Respect is needed in any community, especially a roleplay forum. Treat others how you want to be treated, please don't discriminate against sexuality, religion, race or gender, if it ever does come up. If anything is heard about these things happening within the forum, or outside of it that is related to the forum, it will be addressed with accordingly and dealt with. However, these things can happen in game. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it isn't passive aggressive in some way out of character. Please don't take anything IC as a sign that the character's player dislikes you. So, don't start drama that way either.


It's preferred that you write at least 250 words per post. It's okay if every once in awhile you can't reach that much, because you may end up getting to the end of a thread and churning out even that many words is stretching the butter thin or you're exhausted mentally/physically and just want to make sure you're writing partner gets a reply. During those times I ask that you post a hefty paragraph at least. It's also a general rule that if you get a six hundred word post, that you try and give as good as you got. However, it's about quality over quantity.

Please don't use chatspeak IC, it's generally frowned upon because this isn't a chatroom. If you know the English language, you're capable of writing posts that are understandable. I'm no English Professor myself, so I won't harp if you mess up but at least try is all I'm asking.


Do not godmode. This means taking control of another person's character. You may do small things such as: 'They walked through the door.' Teeny tiny actions like that are fine but complete control of another person's character isn't roleplay, that's writing a fanfic. Don't do it.

Also, what you know OOC, isn't something your character would automatically know IC. Remember that or clear it with all involved first.


This game is rated R, because there will be mature themes such as sex, violence, and language. This means you must be 17+ to join. There are no ands, ifs, or buts about it. If you aren't 17 and older, don't even consider it. If we find out you're younger than you say you are, you and your characters will be booted from the game. Characters 16 and under may not engage in sexual threads. It's preferred that sex threads don't run rampant as well. Keep it to minimum and done as tastefully as possible.

As for warnings, you must put in your warning part of the post, before the thread itself what might be going on. So if that includes sex, murder, or something like rape, you must warn about it. Not everyone wants to read about those things.


Activity checks will take place the third of every month. You must have at least one thread, with four replies. If you're still on the same thread, the following month, you can not use it toward the new activity check.

Hiatuses happen. It's understandable. If you need to go away, do so. You have up to a month in order to do whatever it is that needs to be done, or if you're going to be slow, let us know too. For instance, if you're not going to be around much for a week but you will be, give us a heads up. If it's like you won't be around much for a couple days, we really don't need to know because everyone gets backed up. People won't assume the worse, right away anyway.

However, if you're caught taking a month long hiatus, over and over again, we're talking constantly, then it'll be discussed with you by the admin. Because if you keep doing it, obviously you're not interested or don't have time for the game. You could be hogging a popular character or face claim that someone with time and interest could be playing.


I won't police all player plots, as long as they don't affect the entire community as a whole. If you want to do something like that, bring it to the admin and we can discuss. Things like pregnancy, relationships, sexualities and the like won't be policed. However, if I see an overabundance of something like pregnancies, there will be a cap put on it. So, basically, if you, your bestfriend and your mama are getting their grills baby pumped and babies keep popping out everywhere? Yeah, no can do.


Avatars must be 250 x 400 in size, no more, no less. I realize I've kept everything simple but mini profiles are a weakness and I like to keep it looking uniform.

Signatures can be no more than 500 x 300. Try not to animate them because that can lead to slow load time and lagging for others.

Because I don't want this site to be about the shinys, I won't be enabling dohtml templates unless it gets a popular vote. I feel it's better to focus on writing and plots, rather than graphics and pretty things. It tends to take away from roleplay and I feel it usually ends in a site being the latest trend of the week and then quickly fading into an abyss. Maybe, I'm wrong and I'm sorry if others don't feel that way, but I want to make something of this.


Like the respect rule, be as respectful and non-toxic as possible. Don't curse too heavily. Don't advertise. Don't spam. That's pretty much the jist of it.


It's preferred that you use the tagbox in the sidebar. Make sure you tag appropriately for each reply you do. The tagbox is also not meant for chat of any kind, that's what the cbox is for.


If your character gets pregnant, I expect at least six months real life before they give birth. That's all I'm really going to police, I just ask for a little realism.

Face claims can not be 13 and under.


Most importantly. Please have fun! I didn't create this game for people to feel like it's a chore. If you feel like it is then come to me so we can talk. I'm willing to take suggestions, plot ideas and anything else into account to make this experience more enjoyable for you.

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